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                                          "THE DISCIPLINARY PROCESS- A NOVELLA"

                                                                Chapter 1- The Note

"Catherine, what do you have to say for yourself?" The 13 year old Catherine, still short of defensive throwbacks, simply stands, on the verge of tears. Her mother sternly awaits her answer. "Truancy? Three times in the past two weeks!" Catherine swallows hard. "Answer me, Catherine." Catherine chokes out a reply, hoping to be admonished from all transgression. "Me and my friend Sally skipped 7th period a couple times because we aren't doing anything in that class." "That is no excuse! What do you say, dear?" The mother's husband, standing in support behind her, agrees. "Yes, no excuse. Truancy is truancy. The rules are strictly there for children to follow. You must stay until the 7th period is over. That is the rule." "I'm 13. I'm not a child, dad!" "Well you certainly acted like one." The father replies. "The note said that you were cited for three counts of truancy by the school. And that you tried to lie about it, you and your friend. Did you do something good or something bad, Catherine?" Catherine sighs. "Something bad." "So as your parents, it is our job to discipline you. How do you think we should discipline you?" Catherine shrugs. "Sally said her mom will not let her go to anyone's house for a month." "Well your father and I have already decided your punishment. And I think you know what that punishment is." "What?" Catherine nervously asks. "We think you need some good old fashioned discipline, Catherine. Maybe it will set you straight." Catherine looks at her father, who has since crossed his arms. "Catherine, I want you to go with your father to your room. Harold, take Catherine upstairs and give her a good spanking"


                                                                Chapter 2- Up the Stairs

"A spanking? No, mom!" "It was both me and your father's idea. We felt you could use some old fashioned discipline." Catherine's father grabs her by the arm and begins marching her upstairs. The dread begins to bubble up. Its the first initial dread. The dread you feel when you realize that a string of events ending badly has just been activated into motion. Catherine had been spanked before, but only a few times. The last time she had received a spanking was 2 years ago, and she did not enjoy it. Her parents saved spankings for special occasions. The last time it was for disobeying and going to a friend's house in the middle of the night. This time its for truancy. Catherine tries to put positive thoughts into her mind. Thoughts like, "I was 11 years old last time. I'm 13 now. Maybe it won't even hurt." But positive thoughts were simply wishful thinking. With ever step a negative thought over rid them. "Dad is going to make it hurt. Why would they spank me if it didn't hurt." As she reached the half way point of the stairs a new string of thought caught her mind. "Is it normal to get a spanking at my age? I wonder if any of my friends get spanked." The obvious answer, of course, was yes, all of her friends get spanked. It was the 1960's and most parents believed in spanking. But what age did they stop? Hard to know. Maybe her friends aren't spanked anymore. If that were the case, she is being treated like a child, an embarrassing situation for her. She is about to experience many levels of embarrassment. Every step on the stairs is a new level. First she got caught. That was embarrassing. Then she got lectured. That was embarrassing. Then her parents made her talk about discipline, that was awkward. Then that word was said, the word "spanking." The word "spanking" carries so much emotion to it, among it embarrassment. Her father walks her up the stairs, even more embarrassing. She is being walked up the stairs to her room where she is going to be spanked like a little girl. Very embarrassing. But none of the embarrassment now compares to what is yet to come.

                                                          Chapter 3- The Second Lecture

Catherine is brought into her room by her father. Her father pulls a chair out from her desk and sets it in the middle of the room. All scenery in her mind goes blank besides that chair. Her father sits down. "Maybe its just for him to sit while he lectures me." Catherine hopes. Her father pulls her over and begins to scold her lightly. "This is going to be for your own good, Catherine. My duty as your father is to correct your bad behavior so that you keep on the straight path. Skipping class and breaking rules will only harm you. So I need to stop you from doing that. When a father wants to put into the mind of his child that they are to stop a behavior, the most effective way to do that is with a firm spanking to the bottom. This practice has been around for a while. When I was a boy it was done to me. Now I am doing it to you, as your father. When I became a father, my first thought was that I was never going to spank any of my children. But I soon discovered that sometimes harsh discipline is required in parenting, being a good father. This is one of those times. Your mother and I have always tried to raise you the best we could. We are very lenient compared to some parents, but at this moment we feel we need to be strict with you. Its the only way to keep you a well behaved girl. So what I am going to do is administer a hard spanking, right on your bottom. It will hurt and I expect you to react accordingly. The purpose of this is for you to regret your actions and realize that actions have consequences. Luckily its not jail. This time its just going to be a red bottom. You understand, Catherine?" Catherine shakes her head yes. Her mind is elsewhere. She is trying to envision the spanking that is soon approaching. She wonders how much it will hurt. She wonders what it will feel like at her age to be getting a spanking again. Most of all she hopes it is not going to be over her father's knee, the most humiliating of positions for her to be in, like a child.

                                                             Chapter 4- The Unbuttoning

"What are you doing?" Catherine says as her father unbuttons her shorts and spreads them apart. "You are wearing jeans. The fabric is thick. You won't feel the spanking much." Just what she needed to hear. Her father is making provisions so that the spanking is as effective as it could be. "You see, Catherine, when you are a mother and you are spanking your own child, you don't want them to pretend the spanking hurt when really it didn't. You must make sure it stings profusely. Your shorts will block some of the sting that you need to feel. "No I don't need to feel it!" Catherine's mind shouts. Catherine quietly watches as her dad fiddles with her shorts. At this point Catherine knows that her father is serious and the spanking will happen. But not only that. The spanking is meant to be painful, not just embarrassing. It already is embarrassing enough. Once unbuttoned, they aren't going to be rebuttoned until the spanking has been administered properly.

                                                                   Chapter 5- Sliding

Catherin's father moves back and forth with his hands. He slowly begins to slide his daughter's shorts down her legs. Catherine can only stand and allow this to happen. Catherine thinks about her current situation. "Great, I'm about to get a spanking and right now my dad is pulling my pants down. Pulling my pants down?" Catherine blushes at the thought.This is mostly due to the idea, the phrase. The word "spanking" is embarrassing. The phrase "pulled down my pants" is equally embarrassing. Catherine, if she was dictating her own punishment, would say "my father pulled down my pants." Catherine feels helpless. She wishes it were over already, the whole spanking, but it hasn't even begun. It seems like an eternity until her jean shorts finally reach her ankles. Her pants have been pulled down. "I guess now its time for my spanking. Maybe dad will just turn me around and start swatting away. I just want this to be over and forget about this whole thing." Catherine starts to drift away until her dad brings her back into reality. "Okay, next, the panties."



                                                                  Chapter 6- The What?

"The what?" Catherine exclaims, hoping she heard her father wrong. "I am going to pull down your panties." "My panties? No dad!" The thought of her father seeing her exposed like that was embarrassing and nerve-racking. The thought of her father spanking her on her bare bottom was even more so. "No, dad, not on my bare bottom!" "Catherine, it has to be on your bare bottom. You are older now and it won't hurt as much over your panties. Now I know this is going to be embarrassing for you but its for your own good. I have to discipline you the best way I can, even if it is uncomfortable for us both." Catherine knew her father, and she knew that her father meant nothing at all sexual with a bare bottom spanking. She had actually heard her friends talking about it before, talking about getting their pants and underwear pulled down and getting a "bare bottom spanking." Catherine's parents had never spanked her on her bare bottom before. Catherine was now anticipating a new experience, one she is now starting to dread. "Daddy, do you have to?" Her father looks her in the eye. "Catherine, I have to give you a spanking. In order for this spanking to be effective, its going to have to be on your bare bottom so it will sting enough to make it a suitable punishment." Her father grabs her waistband and begins pulling her panties down. "This is it," Catherine thinks to herself.

                                                             Chapter 7- Down They Go

This is it. Her father slides her panties gently down. Catherine blushes from embarrassment as her bottom is now completely exposed. If there is any time in the world for Catherine to become self-conscious it is at this moment. Catherine's panties are down, the crack of her bottom exposed for all the world to see. She starts to think about the size of her bottom, how she always worries it is too big. She wonders if her father feels awkward seeing her bottom. Her father seems to have no problem with this act, being of pure heart. Catherine keeps reminding herself that this man is her father who loves her, not some random person. The act of having her panties pulled down makes her feel like she is 5 years old rather than 13. Her father holds her in place as he pulls her panties down. Catherine realizes that this situation will go by a lot faster and a lot easier, the whole getting spanked on the bare bottom situation, if she doesn't think about the fact that she is exposed and is getting the punishment fit for children, a spanking. Her father, like a machine, prepares his daughter for what has to be done.

                                      Chapter 8- The Religious, the Political, and the Practical

Catherine stands before her father, her privacy exposed, vulnerable. But her father does not seek to harm her, but to correct and instruct his daughter to do the right thing. He attempts to explain this to Catherine. "You see, Catherine, a father's job is to keep their children on the right path. You are my daughter. I want you to learn good values. When you do things like lie and break rules, I have to show you the folly of your ways and do something to make you not want to do those things again. The Bible says "folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction will drive it far from them." The rod of correction means punishment. I have to punish you to keep you from being foolish, like the thing you did with your friend. In our culture, when a child needs correction they are spanked. All of my friend spank their children. Your mother and I feel that you will learn best from a spanking. I know you don't like spankings. I didn't when I was a boy. Everyone has to go through this, Catherine. Its a part of growing up. If it wasn't for parents spanking their children, then America would run wild. The future of your generation depends, in part, on parents, like me, spanking their children when needed. And I know during the spanking you are not going to think of any of this, but I want you to know that when you are older you will thank me for doing this. I hope that when you are a mother you will spank your kids the same way as we raise you. Its what works. Its what is necessary. It is what is proper. 

                                                                        Chapter 9- OTK

Catherine's father finally finishes his big speech. Catherine stands near him, expecting him to turn her around and start spanking her bottom. She hopes that her father won't give the traditional over the knee spanking. At her age, that seems like the most embarrassing of ways to get a spanking. The memories from past spankings, the thought of her pelvis resting on her dad's lap, her legs dangling down, her head blinded to the spanking, her bottom exposed and sticking into the air, and the repetitive spanks, all the while helpless, worries Catherine. But after her father's speech and the formality of this whole procedure, she knows exactly what the next step is. "Okay, Catherine, bend over my knee, right across my lap." Hearing those words makes Catherine's stomach drop. The thought of being spanked over the lap of her father like a child is a thought she wants to avoid. But now its happening. Her father begins to pull her towards him, spreading out his legs to make a spot for her pelvis and stomach to rest. She tries to avoid this situation. "Daddy, no! Not over your knee! This is embarrassing!" "Catherine, this is how a spanking is done. This will ensure that you are locked into position. If you move during the spanking, which I am sure you will because it is going to hurt, I don't want to injure you. This is the safest way to give a spanking. Plus, it is a sign of submission. Children need to submit to their spankings for them to be truly effective. Now please assume the position across my lap for your spanking, like a good girl." Catherine finally accepts her fate and allows her father to guide her over his knee. She figured she was too big for an over the knee spanking. Obviously not.


                                                                      Chapter 10- Its Time

Catherine's nightmare has come true. She is bent over her father's lap, her bottom exposed, her legs dangling, her head blinded to her future fate, her pelvis resting on her father's leg, and she is now helpless. There is no turning back for Catherine. She is going to get a spanking, no matter what. She has now accepted this fact and the emotion begins to build. All of her nervousness is amplified, as the moment is imminent.  Her father adjusts her slightly into the perfect spanking position. She has been in this position before, but at age 13, this is not a good experience for Catherine. She remembers that this is probably how all her friends are spanked. She wonders if her friend who got in trouble with her is also getting spanked this way. She hopes so, so she isn't the odd one who got an old fashioned spanking from her father at 13. She wonders if she will cry like when she was little as her dad spanks her, hoping she won't but nervously assuming she will.  She wonders what her father is waiting for. The wait seems like hours, even though it is only moments. "Catherine, I'm going to spank you now. It is going to be a little longer than usual. I don't want you to be surprised. This will hurt a lot. Feel free to cry, I don't want you to feel you have to be tough through this. This is between me and you. After this spanking this will all be in the past. But now comes the hard part." Her father readies himself. Catherine begins crying out of nervousness. "No... daddy..." "Ready?" "Daddy, no!" "I love you Catherine."

                                                                Chapter 11- The Spanking

SMACK. Her father's hand lands sharply on her bottom. The sensation returns to her. She remembers this feeling. Its the feeling of a spanking. The feeling she dreaded so much as a child. Its all returning. SMACK. Another spank on her bottom. The pain arises in her bottom as a third SMACK is heard. With each spank her father gives, the pain grows. Catherine hoped the pain would stay mild and consistent, but the pain is growing, becoming more and more intense. Her father builds up his rhythm and keeps the spanking going. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, and Catherine is in tears. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, and Catherine lets out a cry. The spanking is painful to say the least. Catherine forgets the embarrassment  as she focuses on the pain. It hurts. It hurts a lot. Catherine kicks her legs wildly trying to turn the pain into some other feeling. But it won't go away. With each spank the pain builds. She wants her father to stop, but her father knows when to stop, and its not right now. Tears stream down Catherine's face as her bottom slowly turns red with each spank of her father's hand. It is loud. Catherine knows that her mother can hear this spanking, and she assumes that everyone in the world can as well. Her bottom screams out to her to stop the stinging, but her bottom is not the one in charge of this situation. Her father does his fatherly duty and keeps right on spanking.

                                                     Chapter 12- A Well Spanked Daughter

"Daddyyyyyyyyyy!" Catherine cries out as her father delivers a series of extra hard swats to his daughter's bottom. Catherine's bottom has turned a fiery shade of red, with the handprints becoming a blurry blot of painful evidence. At this point Catherine knows she has just been spanked, but the spanking is still going on. Her father told her it would be painful, but she wasn't expecting to be crying like she is now. Catherine begins to struggle, attempting to move around in hopes of either avoiding the next spank or convincing her father to finish. She flails her legs every which way. In her mind, a teenager should not react to a spanking this way, but now she is experiencing the reality. Her father at this point is actually impressed at himself. He was unsure of whether or not the spanking would be effective, in fact this made him nervous. But now, seeing his teenage daughter reacting like when she was a child, he feels a sense of confidence that this punishment will be effective, like when she was a child. Looking at this exact moment, this is the definition of a good old fashioned spanking. Her father had delivered on his promises to her. Catherine decides at this point that she made a big mistake skipping class. She cries out, "Daddy, I won't skip class again! Please stop spanking me! It hurts! I'm sorry!" With that, her father stops.Catherine slumps over his lap, crying and trying to rub her bottom. "Catherine, did you learn your lesson?" "Yes!" Catherine sobs. "That's what I wanted to hear from you. Will you obey the rules from now on?" "Yes, daddy! I'm sorry!" Catherine cries to herself, her father letting her rest across his lap. "I'm sorry I had to spank you like I did, but it was for your own good."

                                                           Chapter 13- A Good Girl Now

Catherine's mom approaches her daughter, who is now in the corner where her father had sent her to reflect on what just happened and what she did to earn it. "Catherine?" Catherine cries, still rubbing her bottom. "I see your father gave you quite the spanking." "It hurt..." Catherine says to her mother. "I remember when I was your age and I lied to my parents about going to a concert. I got the biggest spanking for that. I you know what, I never lied to my parents after that" "Dad pulled my panties down and put me over his knee, mom. It was embarrassing." "We discussed that before hand. We felt it was how we could make our point. That's how I was disciplined too, you know. Bare bottom, over the knee spankings whenever I was bad. Eventually I stopped being bad." Catherine turns around. "I'm sorry mom. I won't skip class again." "I know you won't dear."