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                                                         "No Time Like Bedtime"

Janet was scared. She sat on her bed, awaiting her fate. Earlier that day, Janet had gotten into an argument with her mother, that being the climax of a long string of sassy remarks and disobedience. Janet had an attitude that needed to be adjusted, as her mom would put it. It was in that final argument earlier, as her younger sister couldn't help but overhear, that Janet had added the one straw that broke the camel's back, by yelling at her mom saying "You're stupid, mom! You don't know anything!" Janet's mom had taken offense to that remark, and after enduring the constant sassiness of her daughter, decided punishment was in order. "Okay, Janet. That's it. You earned a spanking." That's all she said, then walked away, preparing to get ready to go to work at her night job. Janet was shocked and intimidated, quivering "A spanking? No, mom..." Her mom did not reply, but went about her business. You see, in that house, physical punishment was rare, only given for specific things and specific occasions. Their mother had tried to shy away from using corporal punishment on her two daughters,  yet when the time came, she was not hesitant to administer a painful spanking. Her mother also added another policy: all spankings should be given before bed. She made this rule so that her daughters would have to fall to sleep thinking about their punishment, no distractions. This would help them learn better. So there Janet was, awaiting her spanking. Her sister walked into her room, also getting ready for bed. "Janet? You're going to get a spanking? I bet it's going to hurt so much!" "Shut up! It's not funny! I hear you crying so loud when mom spanks you. I know that you know it hurts!" Suddenly, the front door is heard opening, as their mom arrives home from work. Janet's sister hurries out, and Janet lets out a half moan half cry, nervous as can be. She hopes her mother will forget about the whole incident. Minutes seem like hours, as Janet hopes her mom will turn in for the night. It seems like Janet got off easy, as her mom heads into her own room, which Janet hopes means bedtime for her. Janet sighs in relief and lays back on her bed. Suddenly, her door opens and her mom enters, holding a large bath brush, her implement of choice in the past. "No!" Janet cries out, trying to hold back tears as her heart starts to race.  Her sister hears this cry from her room and knows Janet is about to get a spanking. Her mom walks over to the edge of her bed and sits down. "Janet, get up and come over here. Let's get this over with." Janet obeys her mom, about to start sobbing, and walks over to her mom, standing up and facing her as she sits on her bed. "Janet, you've been very defiant today, and very sassy. You know I don't tolerate that kind of attitude." "I know, mom, I'm sorry." "Good. Now, assume the position." Janet sighs and bends over her mom's left leg, resting on the bed. Her mom then grabs her waistband on her pants and wiggles them down. "Mom! No! Not on my bare butt!" Janet doesn't listen, but concentrates on the task at hand, rolling up her sleeve. She positions herself and begins wailing on her daughters bottom with the brush. The smacks are loud, and Janet's cries are louder. Her mother rotates one butt cheek to the next, with red circles forming from the brush. After about 10 smacks she was done, and Janet was crying like a baby. Her mom pulled her pants back up. She then got up and told Janet "Now, go to bed and think about how you've been behaving." Janet didn't have nightmares that night because she had just lived one of her nightmares, for real.

                                                                      "The Peepshow"

I was 13 years old, enjoying life, riding my bike everyday and loving every minute of it. I used to ride by a two story house a few doors down every day, the little girl 4 years younger than me waving every time I did. She used to bug me. Her name was Missy, and she was just as annoying as her name was. However, she had an older sister, Stacy, who was the same age I was. She was in my class at school, in fact. We were both in 8th grade, and she wanted nothing to do with me, and I knew that. So I stayed away from her.  I thought she was cute, but she was always pretty bitchy to me, well, to everyone. She and her sister belonged to a nice family, who used to eat lunch with my family after church each week. Her mom was always trying to give me advice when I didn't want it, making everything a "life lesson." I guess that was good for her to be like that, better than not caring at all. Her mom was also pro-spanking, as I found out from eavesdropping, and also by straight spying, that one wonderful day. I remember Stacy telling that annoying Missy that she was going to be spanked for staying outside too long, and Missy ran home crying. I remember their mom asking my mom if she spanked, one day, mentioning how she believed in its use with her two daughters. But one day I found out just how she practiced spanking. I was riding my bike by their house one afternoon when I heard yelling. Hearing the voice of Stacy, I couldn't help but stop and approach stealthily. I didn't know what they were arguing about, but Stacy was really being a brat. I approached the window, keeping my distance, and saw her mom pointing at a big sheet of paper. I guess Stacy had been calling some teen chat line, the ones that cost a lot of money a minute. Stacy denied it, insulting her mom. I don't know why, her mom had proof. Stacy was just being stubborn. Her mom stopped, then ordered Stacy to go to her room. Unfortunately it seemed over, as I wanted to see her mom get back at that bitchy Stacy, for me. I was about to head off when I saw her mom walk by carrying a paddle. Now I was intrigued. If only I could walk inside and see what happens. Then I realized, the tree! I climbed their tree in their yard, finding a perfect position to look through her window. I was pretty camaflouged in the bushes, so I felt safe. Stacy's window was open, so I could hear everything, as well as see everything. Stacy sat on her bed angry. All of a sudden, as I predicted, her mom burst in holding that piece of a paper and a wooden paddle. Stacy moaned "Mom! No!" "Stacy, stand up! You didn't think you'd get off that easy... you're getting a spanking!" "Mom..." Stacy protested the best she could, mostly by doing nothing. She stood there whining, her mom staring her down. "You've been a bad girl, first making all those calls after I told you not to, then trying to lie to me, not to mention argue and insult me. Now turn around and bend over... pull your pants down too..." Stacy sighed and did as she was told, slipping her shorts down to her ankles and bending over. "Your panties too, Stacy." "Mom!" "Pull them down, now!" Stacy started pulling her panties down. I was very excited. As her panties went uncovered her bottom, my eyes were drawn to that round and soft looking behind. I always thought Stacy was attractive, and now I was able to see her bare butt. There was something pleasing about seeing her exposed and helpless like that, about to get a spanking like a little kid. That's Kharma, I guess. Her mom walked over and positioned herself in the paddling position, cocking her arm back, readying that paddle. "Now, Stacy, let's get this over with..." Her mom started spanking her, swinging that paddle over and over. The sound was very loud, sounding like the worst feeling thing ever. You could tell it stung like crazy, as Stacy started crying heavily after the second smack. I was impressed Stacy was able to stay in position so long; she probably was used to it by now, as I could imagine she probably got spanked a lot. Her mom gave her about 6 good swats, then stopped. "There." Her mom said. Stacy was screaming, tears streaming down her face. She stood up holding her bottom, rubbing it and dancing around. I got to see her vagina as she danced in pain, but seeing that I began to feel guilty. Seeing a spanking was one thing, seeing a girl naked without her knowing was another... The show was over. I climbed down and rode away on my bike, crashing into a mailbox as my mind wandered back to the previous event. I guess that's Kharma.

                                                  "Babysitter- the Ultimate Nark"

The door opens up as the clock strikes 9 p.m., as Mrs. Flanning walks in the door carrying her purse, back from a long night at her church Bible study. Kerry, the babysitter, of the young age of 17, greets her at the door. "Hello Mrs. Flanning, how was the Bible study?" "Oh, it was good. It always is. How was it taking care of Lena?" "It was okay. She's usually such a good girl..." "But..." Mrs. Flanning becomes suspicious. "Well, she wouldn't obey me tonight. You told me to put her to bed by 8. I told her to go to bed and she wouldn't. I tried coaxing her, I almost even raised my voice! But she was stubborn tonight, she just wanted to watch TV." "That Lena!..." Mrs. Flanning walked over to her daughter's room. Lena had pretended to be in bed, like nothing had happened. "Lena? Get up... I know you're not sleeping!" Lena got out of her bed, still fully clothed. Kelly had followed her into the room. "Lena, Kelly told me that you were being naughty while I was gone, not obeying her when she told you to go to bed. Now, I'm going to take Kelly home, and when I come back, you're getting a spanking!" "Mom! No!" "So watch TV all you want, Lena. The minute I get home I'm going to spank you." Mrs. Flanning turned and left, Kelly following. Mrs. Flanning proceeded to drive the babysitter home. It was an awkward situation, with the last scene being rather unpleasant. Kelly breaks the silence. "So, Mrs. Flanning, you spank Lena when she's bad?" "Yes." "I didn't know you believed in spanking. You never said anything before." "Well, I thought it was understood. Don't all parents spank?" "Mine never did." "Well, I think its a parent's job to discipline their child. As the Bible says, foolishness is bound in the heart of the child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from them." "Do you use a rod?" "I use the back side of a hairbrush. I was raised that way, as were many other children, and I believe it to be quite effective." "Ouch. Poor Lena..." "Oh, she's had plenty of spankings..." "It doesn't hurt her?" Oh, it does hurt. She cries every time. But I know its for the best." "I thought spanking was out of style?" "I don't think so. Every mom in my Bible study spanks their children. Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned over the knee spanking." "Over the knee?" "Across the lap. I have Lena lie across my lap. It makes the spanking more controlled, more personal, and is very effective." "Wow. I never would have thought. You seem like such a nice mother." "I am a nice mother. But, trust, me. To be a good mother, sometimes you need to punish your children. And what better way than by giving them a spanking." "I guess you're right." "Let me give you some advice, Kelly. When you become a mother, don't be afraid to spank their bottoms if they get out of line. It only hurts for a little bit and they will be better for it." The car arrives at its destination. "Thanks for the ride Mrs. Flanning. Don't go too hard on her, okay?" She says smiling. "Oh, it won't be anything special. Just the usual. But let me tell you, the next time you babysit she'll be sure to obey you when you tell her to go to bed. Have a nice night, Kelly." Mrs. Flanning drives off, back to her house where Lena awaits her spanking. To her surprise, Lena is not watching TV, but sitting in her room sulking. Mrs. Flanning grabs the hairbrush from her bathroom and enters Lena's room. Without saying anything, she grabs a chair from the corner of the room and moves it towards the center, next to Lena. "Ready, Lena?" "Mom, why do you have to give me a spanking? It hurst! Please don't spank me!" "Honey, I need to. You need to be taught that it is not okay to disobey. When I give you a bedtime, you need to respect it, and certainly respect your babysitter. Now come over to mommy's lap for your spanking..." Lena walks over shyly. "Mom, why do you spank my bottom? Can't you spank me somewhere else. It hurts!" "Lena, that's what a spanking is. Your friend Janie's mommy spanks her bottom when she's naughty. All kids get spanked on their bottom when they are bad." "Okay..." Lena starts to cry, lightly, accepting the fact that she's going to be spanked. Mrs. Flanning brings her daughter closer. Placing the hairbrush on her lap, she grabs her daughter's waste with two hands and pulls her pants and underwear down with one motion, as the routine always went. Lena leans over her mother's lap, her mother locking her into place with her left hand. Mrs. Flanning then proceeds to spank Lena's bare bottom. The hairbrush cracks down on her little bottom and Lena starts crying loudly, hating the pain of a spanking. Her mother keeps spanking, smack after smack, turning her little white bottom red. Lena kicks her legs up and down and bites her nails, trying to deal with the severe stinging sensation in her bottom. "Almost done Lena..." Her mother says, giving another 3 smacks. "There. Now, Lena, I know how much you hate spankings, but this means that you need to avoid them. When Kelly or me tells you to do something, you need to obey. The Bible says that children obey their parents. Kelly is like a parent too. I hate having to correct you this way, but you're a young girl and have lots of things to learn. Now, you need to get ready for bed. You have school tomorrow." "Okay..." Lena says, crying, still lying over her mother's lap.

                                                                 "Amy Loses Twice"

"Take that!" Billy yells out, excited at his new video game. His sister Amy plays with him, trying to learn the buttons. It didn't help that it was so early in the morning, as she even plays liberally in her underwear. "Hey! That's no fair! You're cheating!" "Am not!" "Yes you are! You're stupid!" From the kitchen the voice is hear "Hey, knock it off you too! I don't want to hear you fighting." Billy and Amy continue playing. Amy, being the older of the two, expects to beat her brother in the game. But frustration builds as her brother defeats her round after round. "Wow, you're not that good Amy..." "Shut up Billy!" Again the voice is heard. "Amy! I don't want to hear you talk like that! Talk nice to your brother." Finally, Amy starts to get the hang of the game. She even starts to beat her brother, but once again falls short. She is very mad, but holds it in. "One more?" Billy asks. "Yeah. I'm going to kick your butt this time." "Yeah, right..." Billy says playfully. They commence the game again. Amy tries as hard as she can, slamming the buttons and moving animatedly. But her brother wins. Amy is furious. "I hate you! You suck, Billy!" Amy then stands up and kicks her little brother. Her mother, who had walked into the room as Amy began to yell, witness that violent act. Her mother let out an appalled sigh, the "uh oh" sigh, and marched over to her kids. She grabbed Amy and took her over her knee, sitting down on a nearby stool. As she bent Amy into position, she yanked her panties down. This whole motion, the preparation for a spanking, came very sudden, and startled Amy. Before she realized what was about to happen, her mom was pulling her panties down as she was bent over her mom's lap. Knowing the consequences for her act, she tried to change the future the best she could. "NO MOMMY! NO! PLEASE DON'T SPANK ME!" Her mother didn't say a word. In place of her verbal response was her physical one, a slap on her daughter's bare behind. She proceeded to give a series of strong, sharp, smacks on Amy's bottom, Amy screaming the whole the time. Her brother paused the game to watch his sister get a spanking, taking joy in the sweet revenge via his mother. They had much sibling rivalry, and part of that was seeing who got spanked the least, usually by avoiding getting caught doing something bad. Her sister had lost twice this day. The score on the video game and her red bottom were proof.


                               "She's Not a Little Girl Anymore... Well Maybe a Little..."

I was spending the day with the Jamison family, actually, a few days. I was in transition, going from one college to another, and I needed a place to sleep. My parents told me that Nicole Jamison lived out there, and was willing to give me a place to sleep for a couple days. I was very happy to have the opportunity. Nicole and her husband had been family friends for a while. I had not known them very much. The times I was around them, I remember Nicole being a very conservative, straightforward woman, the kind that gets on your nerves but you don't quite know why. But she was always friendly, maybe a little stiff, not exactly the life of a party. I asked my parents if Nicole and her husband had any kids. They said that they had a daughter named Danielle, who, by now, was 13 years old. I arrived at the house and was greeted by Nicole, her warm but stiff smile. I was shown my room. As I walked there, I saw Danielle, who appeared very shy, but a nice looking young lady, having the same warm demeanor as her mother. I got out a book and began reading, once I was settled. The day went by, awkward situation after awkward situation, trying to grasp the family's personality. Nicole had no interest in trends, had no interest in what most people call "fun," had no interest in jokes or even taking things less than seriously. She quoted the Bible more than any person I've ever seen, and I was impressed. The next day came. Still the same stuffy house, but I was happy to have one. I sat on the couch in the family room, conversing with Nicole about college life. She seemed to fake interest, trying to be a good host.  Then things got interesting... All that day Nicole had been pestering her daughter about cleaning her room. My guest room was a mess, so I felt kind of guilty. But I guess this was a rule in their house for their daughter. Nicole seemed a little anal about cleanliness, and just as much about obedience. We were talking on the couch when Danielle walked by. "Danielle... Did you clean your room like I asked?" Danielle paused, obviously guilty. "Yes..." Nicole raised her eyebrows. I knew this was trouble. "Wait here, Danielle, I'll go check." Nicole got up and left to check. Danielle looked like she was about to cry, her throat in knots and hands behind her back. Nicole came back walking very sternly. "Nope. Its not clean at all. Do you know what that means Danielle? I warned you many times today, and gave you your final warning last time. And you disobeyed me. You know what that means, Danielle?" "A spanking?..." Danielle lets out hesitantly and shyly. "That's right. A spanking." Nicole walked over to a chair in the room and sat down, patting her lap with her hand. "Come on, Danielle, let's get this over with." Nicole was crying by now. Poor girl, I thought. It must be hard having such a strict and uptight mom, not to mention a pro-spanking one. I was surprised that she was going to spank her right in front of me. I felt guilty watching, but I felt guilty getting up and leaving, as it might suggest disapproval with her parenting methods. But she didn't even seem to notice me, it was like she forgot. Danielle walked towards her slowly. "Mom, if I clean my room now will you not spank me?" "No, Danielle. You disobeyed me. You know the rules in this house. If a child disobeys their parents, they need to be punished. And in this house, the punishment is a spanking." "Are you gonna spank my bare bottom?" "Yes." "No..." Danielle begins to audibly cry. "It hurts!" Nicole, a little impatient, grabs her daughters arm and pulls her in closer. "Yes, its supposed to hurt. If a child is misbehaves, its a mom's job to teach them to behave by making their bottom hurt by spanking it." I was confused. I didn't see Danielle as a little girl, but in this exchange, she seemed like one. Nicole seemed to be treating Danielle like a child still. But it was odd that Danielle accepted it. I guess if a household functions in a unified manner there's no harm in it. That's the way their house worked. I watched as Nicole pulled Danielle's panties down, very neatly and decisively, bunching them up at the top of her thighs, but exposing her bare bottom completely. Nicole guided her daughter across her lap, Danielle being very cooperative. I was surprised to see Nicole use the over the knee method for a girl that age, but I guess that's what they knew in that house. Danielle didn't seem embarrassed at all. She just prepared herself for the coming pain. Nicole paused for about 5 seconds, as Danielle was getting more and more nervous. Without saying anything, Nicole gently raised her hand high in the air, forming a flat palm that was bent backwards, aimed for the spanking. I thought this would be a prissy little spanking, hardly effective. But I was wrong. Nicole began the spanking with a bang, making a loud slap on her daughters bottom. She relaxed for a second or so, then raised her hand up again, repeating the motion. The spanking was slow, agonizingly slow. Nicole let the sting last before delivering the next spank. Danielle lay there crying the entire spanking. This method actually made the spanking very controlled, and I was surprised. It seemed effective. After about 8 swats, it was over. "Now, what do you say, Danielle?" "I'm sorry mommy. I disobeyed you and needed to be spanked. Thank you for disciplining me." I thought that was bizarre. Danielle had had to learn a certain response. As weird as it was, I guess it was decent parenting. Danielle went to her room and began cleaning. I turned to Nicole, awkward as ever. "So, you always spank?" Nicole looked up, having forgot I existed. "Huh? Oh, yes. We use spanking as the discipline in our household. The Bible says that spanking should be used to correct a child. So we use it for that purpose." "Why do you have her bend across your lap? She seems like a big girl? Old, I mean." "Well..." Nicole thought for a second. "That's just the way a spanking is given. I always have done it that way. You place the child across your lap and give them a spanking with the palm of your hand." I had to agree, having nothing more to say. I guess households are households, there's not changing them.



                                                           "At a Friend's House"

"Come on... we won't get in caught!" Lindsey coaxes her friend Marcy into a fun prank. Marcy is spending the next two weeks, an entire fortnight, with her friend, living at her friend's house, while her parents are away on vacation. The two girls, both in high school, have the teenage spirit about them- now that we're here together, let's have as much fun as we can. "What about your parents? Won't they find out that it was us, if we go around painting on everyone's houses?" "They won't!" Suddenly, the door opens. "Girls, I'm going to the store for a while. Lindsey, your father is at work, so its just you two alone. Behave yourselves..." Lindsey's mom leaves, have joking about the behave yourselves, but half-serious, being a parent much concerned with a child's behavior, paranoid of the two teen girls and their antics. "Good. We are all alone. We have plenty of time. Let's just grab the paint out of my garage... we'll be done in like 10 minutes. Let's just go house to house, painting smiley faces." Marcy thinks for a second. "Okay." The two girls walk into the garage, grab the green paint, then proceed house to house, swiftly painting smiley face symbols on the walls, covertly making sure nobody finds out. All the moms on the street are at work, they think. But as they return to their house, one woman, an elderly grandmother, sees them run into the garage to return the paint. "That was awesome! This is going to be funny! Nobody knows its us, either! Nobody will suspect us, not with Jimmy and Rex down the street!" The girls giggle happily, shutting the garage behind them. Not long after, Lindsey's mom returns from the store. As she unloads the groceries from her car, she is approached by the elderly woman. "Oh, hello Edna? What brings you here today?" Lindsey's mother greets the woman, still holding groceries. "Well, if you hadn't have noticed, there is graffiti all over our street, on everyone's house, including mine!" Lindsey's mom looks around, then drops the grocery bags. "Oh my! That's awful! I wonder who could have done it!" "Well, that's why I came here. I know who did it!" "Who?" "It was your daughter and her friend. I saw them running back to your house with paint and paintbrushes. I guess they figured it to be a childish prank." "No! Really?" "Yes, I'm afraid so... you know, in my day a child who did something like that would be punished... a good sound spanking." "Oh, they will be punished. In fact, I think they both have an appointment over my lap. Listen closely, you're about to hear two sorry girls getting a spanking of a lifetime." Lindsey's mom rushed inside, forgetting the rest of the groceries. "Lindsey! Marcy! Get in here!" The girls obeyed and walked into the room paranoid as ever. "Do you girls know anything about the graffiti around the neighborhood? Did you see anyone running around with paint this afternoon, or hear them?" The girls look at each other, scared. "No. Honest. Why? Is there graffiti?" "Marcy? Did you see?" Marcy shakes her head. "No. We were inside the whole time." "You're both lying. Edna down the street told me she saw you two outside running with paint." The two girls knew they were caught. "We're sorry Mrs. Underwood..." Marcy says. "Mom, it was just a little prank. We can clean it up easy." "I'm sorry, but you made a lot of people angry. This behavior is not acceptable! You two need punishment!" "What are you going to do?" Lindsey asks, Marcy still quiet. "Well, Edna suggested it and I think it is the best way to handle the situation: old fashioned spankings!" "What?" Marcy breaks her silence. "You're both getting a spanking." "But I never get spanked! My parents don't believe in it!" "Well, I do, and while your in my house your under my rules... I'm sorry Marcy, but today you find out what a spanking feels like! And let me tell, it will not feel good!" The girls don't know what to say, half-embarrassed, half-scared. So go wait in the living room, I need to grab the rest of the groceries. The two girls go to the living room and wait. "I didn't know your mom spanked you, Lindsey?" "She hasn't since I was like 10. This is so embarrassing!" "Does it hurt?" "You've never been spanked before?" "No." "Yeah, it hurts. Hopefully she won't bend us over her knee. That is embarrassing!" "Over her knee?" "Yeah. Like you lay on her lap and she spanks you. You feel like a little kid." "I'm scared..." Just then, Lindsey's mom walks in with the last of the groceries. "Now, that my arm is warmed up, let's get to it. Lindsey, bring that chair to the middle of the room. You're first." Lindsey obeys her mom, reluctantly. Her mom sits down and brings Lindsey towards her. She then begins to bend Lindsey over her lap. Lindsey resists. "Mom! No! I'm 16 years old! I'm too old to bend over your knee!" "We'll see about that!" Lindsey's mom puts in some extra strength, overpowering her daughter and placing her into position. Lindsey actually fit snuggly over her lap, her whole weight supported. "See... 16 is not too old for a proper spanking." Lindsey's mom begins to spank, giving about 3 swats over her daughters skirt Lindsey isn't harmed too much by it, just uncomfortable by the pain. "You know what. That skirt is too much." Her mom lifts her skirt up and pulls down her panties. "Mom! What are you doing?" Her mom spanks her a few more times, Lindsey letting out some screams. "Yep, this will do. Now stay still." Lindsey's mom lets loose, spanking her daughter over and over again, each slap harder then the previous.  Lindsey cries like a little girl, the pain being too much for her. Marcy watches in horror, knowing she's next. "I'm sorry mom!" Lindsey chokes out the words. Her mom gives a  few more hard slaps then stops. "Now how did that feel, Lindsey?" "It hurts!" She says crying. "Next time you do something like that, you'll feel the same thing! Now get up. Marcy, its your turn!" Marcy approaches her, crying. Without saying much, Lindsey's mom brings her over her lap. "Oh... please don't..." Marcy cries to herself. As embarrassing as it is for Marcy to be bent over her friend's mom's lap, it becomes even more so as her friend's mom pulls up her skirt and pulls down her panties, exposing her bare bottom. "Marcy, this is what all good parents should do once in a while... It's about time you experienced a spanking." "Please Mrs. Underwood! I'm sorry! I'll never do it again!" "I already gave Lindsey her spanking. She's done. It's your turn to reap what you sow." With that comment, Marcy notices Lindsey in the background, who is still crying, rubbing her bottom. "Ready Marcy? This will hurt a lot..." She raises her hand to spank. Marcy prepares, ready to explode with tears. The first smack comes down on her bare bottom. The tears explode as Marcy cries from the pain. Mrs. Underwood keeps spanking. She's only spanked Lindsey before, so spanking a different child is a new experience for her as well. She actually uses this as an incentive. She wants Marcy's first and perhaps last spanking to be memorable. She spanks away, really trying to turn her bottom red. Marcy cries away, forgetting about the embarrassment of being spanked as the pain becomes greater and greater. "Oh my God, it hurts so much!" Marcy cries out. Mrs. Underwood smirks a little and keeps spanking. Finally she finishes. Marcy is practically screaming, unable to control the tears. Mrs. Underwood stands her up and pulls her panties back up. "There. That's what you get, girls. You painted those houses green, I painted your bottoms red!"


                                                                                  "Just Like the Caption"

"Mary Elizabeth! I told you to clean up your room! If you don't go to your room this instant and clean it up, you're going to be in big trouble!" Mary's mom was serious. But Mary was quite the free spirit, feeling that anything that wasn't fun wasn't worth doing. In this case, the clothes scattered about her floor did not seem like an activity to be engaged in. In fact, all her clothes were on the floor, except for the pink t-shirt and green cotton shorts she was wearing, not the most formal of attire, but it was a Saturday. And which 11 year old girl wants to work on a Saturday? Mary heard the threat and walked into her room, but upon seeing the clothes, decided to test the waters a bit and step back to doing nothing. Her mother had chores of her own, doing the dishes. Perhaps it was the hot water, or the stubborn crusted pie stains, but Mary's mom was in a bad mood, angry and hot tempered. Mary walked about the house, pretending to be doing something, when really she was doing the opposite of what her mom commanded her to do. Again, she was a free spirit, a little ditzy, not taking her mom serious on this fateful day. Mary and her mom often got into little bickers. Her mom always won. Mary still thought she had power in the house though. Mary walked into the kitchen to try to stall. "Mommy, do you have any juice? I'm thirsty. And I'm hungry too. Do you have any crackers?" Her mom turned to her. "Mary, do what I said and clean your room, young lady! I don't want to turn back and see you still sitting there..." Her mom went back to washing the dishes. Mary, on the other hand, stayed perfectly still. She saw a magazine on the table and opened it up, beginning to read. Soon after, her reading was interrupted by the sound of her mom walking up to her. She looked angry. "I warned you... Now you're going to get a spanking!" The word "spanking" always brought fear into Mary, as her mom always gave hard and painful spankings. The very word being uttered sent shivers through her little bottom. After the dooming words, Mary's mom walked back to the kitchen drawers and pulled out a large wooden spoon. Her mother was old fashioned, and one of her favorite tools for parenting was that wooden spoon. It had met Mary's bottom on many occasions.  This would be another one of them. Mary sat in the chair,  knowing her bottom was safe that way. "Mary Elizabeth, get up!" "Mom! I'm sorry! I'll clean my room!" "Its too late. You need to learn obedience, to obey when I say. I'm sorry I have to discipline you, but you need it, Mary. Now get up so I can spank your bottom!" "Mom! Please, no!" Mary began to cry. "I'll go clean my room right now! Don't spank me!" Mary's mom just stood there, holding the spoon. "Mary... if you don't get up right now, I'm going to spank your bare bottom. You know how much that hurts!" "No!" Mary kept crying as she stood up, in order to avoid the dreaded bare bottom spanking. Yet, her cotton shorts were hardly much to protect her sensitive bottom from that wooden spoon. Mary's mom got into position, turning her daughter around and holding her arm, making sure she couldn't block the spanking. Mary's heart was beating quickly, anticipating the pain to come. Mary's mom moved forward slightly while reaching back with the spoon, then released, swinging down and striking Mary's right butt cheek. Mary screamed and squirmed away, placing her hand over her bottom where she had just receive the first swat. Her mom kept going. She reached back and unleashed another spank, this time on her left butt cheek. Mary was crying and whining very loudly now, as anyone walking by outside knew she was getting a spanking. Mary's mom gave her another spank, but this time Mary's hand got in the way. Mary yelled out in pain as her hand had been struck. "That one doesn't count, Mary! Stand still and leave her bottom alone!" Mary obeyed, standing there crying. Her little bottom stuck out as a target in those green cotton shorts, Her mom saw the target and delivered 3 more hard spanks to her bottom. With each spank came the loud cracking sound of the spoon making contact with her fleshy bottom. Then it was over. Mary was released, crying away. Her mother went back over to the kitchen drawers and put the spoon away, until another occasion. Mary's mom then walked her daughter to her room. Her daughter didn't know what was going on, still crying and rubbing her stinging bottom. There was nothing Mary hated worse than a spanking, and she had just received one. Mary's mom closed her door. As she did so, she said to her daughter "Don't come out until those clothes are picked up, Mary, or the spanking spoon comes back out!"