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                                                                       "Grandma's Paddle"

CRASH! A tree goes cracking to the floor. The room is a mess, with sisters Lacy and Candie playing a rough game of keep-away with a bracelet. "Girls! Didn't I tell you to stop rough-housing!" Their grandma yells out as she approaches the wreckage. Obviously, she had not picked up on the destruction before, since she was appalled at the site. "Look at the room! Girls, I warned you about rough-housing in here!... My vase! Everything is ruined! You two wait there!" The grandma walks back into the kitchen, frustrated almost to boiling point. "She's mad..." Lacy says. Their grandma walks back into the room, this time carrying a small paddle. "What's that grandma?" Candie says. "Its called a paddle. I use it to spank naughty children." With that comment, both girls are overcome with dread. Their parents were believers in spanking, but it was nothing more than a few smacks with the hand, and even that brought tears to their eyes. "Okay girls... who did this?" Lacy and Candie point at each other, each trying to seem innocent. "It was her fault grandma!" Each girl tries to pin it on the other. "I haven't had to use this paddle since your mother was a little girl, but it looks like I'm going to have to use it again. For rough-housing and disobeying me, you will each receive 3 swats on your bottom. Now who wants to go first?" The girls both try pleading. Their grandma does not waiver in stature, still holding that paddle. "Okay. Fine, I'll choose. Lacy..." Their grandma walks over to Lacy, who is frozen with fear. "Turn around!" Grandma orders. Lacy turns around, trying to block her bottom with her hand. Her grandma quickly moves her arm out of the way, holding her in place with her left arm, her right arm ready to spank. The grandma gives Lacy 3 hard and quick swats to the bottom, during which, Lacy squirms wildly, screaming in reaction. The grandma releases Lacy, who is crying and holding her bottom. "Candie..." The grandma walks over to Candie. "No... grandma... please..." Candie is already crying in anticipation. "Turn around!..." "No!" "Turn around!" The grandma grabs Lacy and positions her just like her sister was. The grandma gives the first swat, causing Candie to try to run away, in a painful reaction. The grandma remains holding her. She gives a second swat, causing another scream, then a quick third swat. "There... now I'm sorry I had to give you girls a spanking, but you really deserved it."

                                                      "This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You"


"Where's Carrie?" The father asks his son. "Tell her to get in here, right now. I've had enough... she's going to get a spanking." His son, happy to hear the news, runs inside to tell his sister. "Carrie!" Carrie, who is sitting quietly reading, looks up from her book. "What is it?" She asks. "Carrie... you're in trouble!... Dad told me to tell you to go to the garage. You're going to get a spanking!" "What?" Carrie says, her stomach dropping. She walks towards the garage slowly, nervous. She opens the door, hoping for just a talking-to. Her dad is at his work bench, his tools sprawled out, obviously working on a project. Her dad looks back and sees her. "Carrie... Come here." Carrie walks over to her dad, already anticipating the spanking to come. "What did I tell you about using my paint?" "Me and Marcy were painting her clubhouse..." "You didn't ask me for one. For two, you spilled some in the garage. For three, you left the paint cans open. But the worst one is that you disobeyed me. I told you to ask before you take stuff. This isn't the first time either... Now, I expect this kind of behavior from your brother, not you... but, you disobeyed and need to be punished. Its my job as your father... Now, do you know what's going to happen?" Carrie looks at the floor. "A spanking..." "Yes. A spanking. Now, I hate having to do this, it pains me every time I have to spank you or your brother. But, I have to raise you both to be good people. Now, come here... Pull your panties down..." "Dad!" Carrie whines, than decides its inevitable and pulls her panties down. Her father pulls her across his lap, pulling her skirt up, exposing her bare bottom. "This hurts me more than it hurts you..." Her father starts the spanking, switching back and forth from butt cheek to butt cheek. Carrie cries and kicks, receiving her spanking. Her father finishes and lets her up. Carrie is crying softly. "Now... go get some towels. We have to clean up the spilled paint..." Carrie walks back to the door as it closes, her brother running off. Apparantly, her brother had witness the whole spanking, embarassing to Carrie. She grabs some towels and walks back, still rubbing her bottom.


                                                           "Guilty Until Proven Innocent"

"Lorrie!" Lorrie turned to see her mother walking sternly toward her. "What mom? We're busy..." Lorrie had some friends over, 2 other girls, and they were talking amongst themselves before this interruption.  "Lorrie, you're little brother said that you were the one stole my money out of my purse..." "What?" Lorrie tried to laugh it off, turning towards her friends. "Lorrie, I think we need to go to your room... now." Lorrie tried to make nothing of it, pretending she was not in trouble. She followed her mother to her room. Lorrie's mom closed the door behind her. "What do you think is going on?" One of her friends asks. "I don't know. Do you think she's in trouble?" They both stand and wait. Inside the room, Lorrie and her mother both stand, as her mother interrogates her. "Lorrie, this morning, I found twenty dollars missing. Now, I know you and your friends went to that movie today. Where did you get the money again?" "Nancy's mom gave us money..." "Really?" "Yes... do you think I stole it? I didn't do it mom! It was Tim. Or maybe you lost it on accident." "You really think that's what happened?" "Yes, Nancy's mom gave us money. I saw." "Okay..." Lorrie's mom sits down on her bed. "Come here, Lorrie..." "Why?" " Just come here..." Lorrie looks confused, but feels a little nervous. Seamlessly, Lorrie's mom grabs her arm and calmly turns her over her knee. "Mom!" Lorrie yells, now positioned across her mom's lap, about to get a spanking. "Mom! What are you doing!" Lorrie's mother turns up her dress, exposing her white panties. Now Lorrie knew she was getting a spanking for sure. "Mom! I swear! I didn't take the money!" Her friends listen outside, as Lorrie yells at her mom, claiming innocence. They feel the emotions rising in the room. "You see, Lorrie. I called Nancy's mom. She did not give Nancy money. So you are lying to me. And why are you lying? Because you stole the money..." Lorrie was caught. "Mom... I'm sorry!..." Lorrie tries to beg, but before she can start, her mother begins the spanking. The swats are very loud, and her friends listen in shock outside. They hear over and over the sound of Lorrie's mom slapping Lorrie's bottom. Then they hear Lorrie start crying. The spanking goes on for another 30 seconds. Finally, the slapping sounds stop and Lorrie's mother opens the door and walks out quickly, shutting it behind her. "Girls, I think I'd better take you home now..." "Mrs. Jones... did you give Lorrie a spanking?" One of her friends asks. Lorries mom pauses. "Yes, I did. Lorrie stole money from me. In my house, stealing is a spanking, no questions asked. The two friends left that day, with more respect for Lorrie's mother.

                                                         "Young Lady? Just a Big Kid..."

"She did what?" Mrs. Jones inquires almost angrily. "Misty called me a bad word-" Misty's little brother whispers the expletive into his mother's ear. Mrs. Jones gasps. "Well, she needs to be spanked. You know the rules of this house, and she does as well.  Where is she?" "She is going to go to her friends house. They were both outside . That's when she called me the bad word." With that, Mrs. Jones walks into her room and pulls out a green ping pong paddle, used for discipline in her house. She walks into the living room and sits down on her couch, and waits, ping pong resting beside her. Soon after, Misty walks into the living room in a hurry, passing her mother. "Misty..." "What?" Misty turns around sassily. "Nicholas told me that you called him a shithead..." uttering the word makes both Misty and her mother cringe inside, her mother in disgust, and Misty in guilt. "What? No!" "Misty, you're lying to me! I've heard you use bad words before, when you thought I wasn't listening. Now, when your with your friends that's one thing, but saying them to insult your brother will not be tolerated!" "Okay... fine... I won't cuss at him. I'm sorry. Now... can I go? Nancy is waiting outside." Misty begins to turn and walk away. Her mother grabs the back of her jacket as she turns. "Not so fast, Misty! You think you aren't going to get punished for saying that to your brother? I'm going to give you a spanking first." "Mom! Come on! Nancy is outside! I'm too old to get a spanking!" "No you aren't Misty, now come here..." Misty's mom stands up and turns her daughter around, still holding on to her jacket with one hand, the paddle in the other. She slams the paddle on her daughter's bottom a few times, making sharp, loud smacks. Misty squeals and blocks her bottom with both of her hands. "Move your hands Misty!" Misty moves her hands away and her mother resumes the spanking. Five more hard smacks sting Misty's bottom, her mother alternating butt cheeks in order for her entire bottom to sting. Her mom releases her daughter, content with the punishment. "Okay. You can go outside with your friend. I don't want to hear any bad words come from your mouth again, you hear? Misty shakes her head, fighting back tears, rubbing her bottom. Nancy walks in. "Misty," Nancy greets, "are you coming? I thought you said you'd take a second. Then I heard you yelling... what happened?" Mrs. Jones, still holding the paddle, answers. "Sorry Nancy. I was giving Misty a spanking for swearing at her brother." Misty and Nancy leave, in an awkward situation.


                                                                              "Mrs. Stern"


Lauren Stern was a middle aged mother, in her mid 40's. Since becoming a wife and mother, Mrs. Stern had also become quite the workoholic, managing a finance company from her home. She slowly became a neat freak, despising any contamination in her workspace, and a stickler for rules and numbers, as her finance had become part of her life. Yes, she was a mother, but her kids were simply another job of hers, a second job. Although she may have regretted having a child 12 years ago, as her child had become another source of stress in her already stressful life, she still loved her daughter, Alison. Her husband had left her almost 10 years earlier, as her work had become overpowering in the relationship. Yet, Lauren Stern stayed strong, raising her daughter and keeping her company running at its optimum. Being such a stickler for her work, Mrs. Stern was also a stickler when it came to parenting. She believed in rules, structure, and discipline. She was a mom who believed that a child who breaks a rule should be punished. She had decided long ago that her method of punishment would be spanking, first and foremost. She believed that if a child breaks a rule, they should be taken across the lap of a parent and spanked on their bottom with the hand, until the child was in tears from the pain. This may seem severe, but Lauren Stern was a very old-fashioned mother who believed that pain was a necessary part in development. Whenever Alison had disobeyed, Mrs. Stern had taken her over her knee and administered a spanking. Alison knew her mom as 2 things: the woman who gave her food, clothing, and shelter, and the woman who spanked her when she was bad. In fact, it could be said that Mrs. Stern spent much of her time with her daughter with her daughter bent over her knee. Alison was a happy child nonetheless, with plenty of friends, and high spirited. This high spirit leads us to this unfortunate situation. Mrs. Stern had been working diligently on her summary report for her company. She also had a rule: Alison was not allowed in her workroom, with the punishment of a spanking. So, it was no surprise that when Mrs. Stern went out to deliver the report, Alison naturally felt inclined to enter, for the fun of it. Alison was simply curious, innocent enough. She noticed a fancy pen on her mother's desk. Curiosity would have her pick up the pen, and examine it, pleasing to the eye. She placed the pen back down, and upon hearing her mother return, rushed out of the room and into her room. She had made it safely. However, Mrs. Stern felt something was amiss. She examined her room, thinking something must have been missing. She then noticed the pen, far out of place, not aligned with the other pens, the way she liked to be organized. She was sure she hadn't moved the pen out of place, and was sure Alison had. "Alison!" Mrs. Stern called out for her daughter. "Come here, please!" Alison entered the room, feeling her heart race as guilt set in. "Where you in my workroom, Alison?" "No, mom. Why?" "Be honest, Alison." "No, I wasn't." Lauren Stern smiled in disbelief and walked over to the desk. "My pen was out of place. I know it was not here when I left. Tell me the truth Alison. I know that you're lying. If you come clean now, you won't be in trouble for lying." "Okay..." Alison sighed, "I just was looking at the pen. I thought it was pretty." "Thank you for being honest..." Mrs. Stern walked over and moved a stool into the center of the room and sat down. "Now... come here Alison." "Why?" "You are going to get spanking for disobeying my rule of being in my workroom. You know the rules." "Mom! I was just looking!" "Rules are rules Alison. You know the rules and the consequences. You entered my workroom without my permission, so you deserve a spanking." "Mom! No!" "Yes, Alison. Come here. You know what to do. Pull those panties down and come over my knee." Alison began crying as she slipped her panties down. Mrs. Stern guided her across her lap, turning up her skirt, exposing her bare bottom, which was about to receive several hard slaps. Alison continued to cry, nervous of her spanking.  Mrs. Stern postponed the spanking even more. "Now, Alison, you know why I'm so strict with you. I want you to turn into a successful young lady. You are still a child. Disobedient children get spankings. This will hurt your bottom, yes, but you will be better off for it. You are lucky to have me. Most mothers wouldn't care what their kids do. But give you spankings because I care about you. Now, are you ready... this is going to hurt, Alison. Learn from it..." Alison's crying grew louder in anticipation. Mrs. Stern raised her arm into the air, preparing for the first slap. She then swung down and spanked Alison's bottom, sharply. Alison let out a loud cry. Mrs. Stern began the barrage, pacing herself as she alternated left and right cheeks with her spanks. Her spanks were quick and decisive, but very powerful and very painful, as the stinging grew and grew. Lauren Stern knew how to give an old fashioned over the knee hand spanking, from experience. She had even studied and thought through her methods, deciding this to be the most effective. Her reasoning: With the child over the lap, their bottom is exposed completely, and by having them so close in proximity, yet sturdy in position, it allows for a decisive spanking, and with an arm placed around the child's back, it keeps the child from struggling out of position, as they will surely attempt to do.The child should feel helpless as the receive their spanking. The spanks should be with the palm of the hand, contact lasting on split seconds as to create the most pain, and should always be administered on the bare bottom to create fear and to create more pain. The spanking should be an event to be remembered. Mrs. Stern finally stopped spanking Alison, and let her daughter up. Alison was screaming by now, having just receive a very professional spanking from Lauren Stern. "Now, Alison, you know not to enter my workroom without my permission. If you do it again, you will get another spanking. Got it?" "Yes, mother..." "Now, leave me alone. I have work to do."